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<3 Warriors :D

So I got my warrior to 535 defense and a few of the guilds tanks were helping me get gear etc, one pally in particular made me a fair few pieces of gear, which I cannot thank him enough for. That gear got me to 535, so I went and ran Halls of Lightening….no, not heroic!! LOL but for my first ever real tanking experience I would say it was pretty fucking awesome! I was loving it!

I let a couple of mobs loose accidentally, which I got back as quickly as I could, I only wiped us once as I pulled too many mobs and the whirlwind killed us 😀 The trinket I was after off Loken dropped, so my defence is no at 544, so I can start running heroics…probably not hard ones, but the easier ones I should be fine for..and if I stay within the guild a little I should be ok 😀

We also went to ToC – normal with me on my warrior to get some gear, and one ring dropped…everything else was not any good for me. It was a funny run, we wiped 4 times on NRB, just bad bad luck apparently and people thinking they were out of the fire when they weren’t etc…it was just funny, then on Lord Jaxx, OMG how much a tard am I….I thought I had time to run to the other side of the boss before it started, but no…he chased me, killed me in 3 shots…I am glad it wasn’t a one shot – I have some dignity…but the MT couldn’t stop laughing as he was wondering why the boss was running away and I was pissing myself at being such a retard…basically it was a bit of a laugh fest 🙂 I felt like such a retard!!! But I just couldn’t stop laughing.

We managed to finish it though 😀 I also did the weekly raid on my warrior today as well 😀 I didn’t tank just attempted to DPS. I finally have some money again so will be paying for a DPS spec on her some time this week so I can do a little of both. I basically just want to run heroics with her as much as possible to get some badges for my tier 9 gear 🙂

All in all a very very awesome day! Am very very proud of my tanking abilities 😀

Drinking plus raiding don't ever mix

So I must have the shittiest roll luck I have ever seen. So far this week I have lost out on 4 pieces of gear which would have been nice upgrades because I can’t seem to roll higher than a 10 😀 Welcome back to raiding with no loot system 🙂 And do you know who keeps winning most of them…..yeah the hubby….damn thief!! LOL Why is he on a DPS cloth class now!! *CRY*

After the belt drop off Marrowgar (or whatever the fuck his name is) last night i decided i needed to drink! LOL

Also had an issue with the guy I put on ignore, he must have tried to whisper me, as he came into vents to ask why I had him on ignore, but I didn’t know because I Had him on Mute as well….he then whispered hubby to ask why he was on ignore and I advised hubby to just say I was pissed and to leave me alone for a couple of days….I might take him off ignore today at some point and see what goes down….It wasn’t mean to be a shit storm. I am concerned I have caused and issue and I really don’t want to have caused one….i am never going to use ignore on a guildie again, it is just far too stressful!

The guild is asking for raid leader to help out as apparently the other night no raids went ahead as no one wanted to raid lead….I considered putting my name down, but after Mr Mage have decided I am not even going to attempt it….no point in embarrassing myself.

Speaking of embarrassing, I think I may have figured out what I am doing wrong in my rotations, I am not using my arsenal all the time. I was starting to use all my cool downs last night on trash and was hitting 16*17k on the AOE trash, with a frame rate of 0. Welshy was hitting 30k or something fucking ridiculous!! Mr Mage would have probably hit 50k…LOL Either way I was impressed with that, so I have to start using my cool downs all the time. I definitely can’t do 25 man content with 0 fps, well it bounced up to 1 occasionally last night. So I am beginning to like being arcane considering the numbers I can pull out 😀

Temper Temper

You know it and I know it, hell probably half the continent knows I have a bad temper when pushed too far, but tonight I barely had any control.

I have always considered myself to be a fiery person, but I am generally able to just let a lot of things slide for the betterment of situations.

Tonight, I have typed a response to a person about 15 times in my head and not one of them is ever going to get posted, as I generally don’t believe name calling, flaming and swearing promote a positive environment.

However this is now the 4th strike for this fellow guild member and he is now on ignore, in game and on vents, something I have never ever done in the 5 years I have been playing this game. I have also removed my alts from the guild as I don’t want to put up with him, I just want to get away from him completely.

I am not going to stick around after strike number 5. I have no need to be placed in a position where I feel uncomfortable or unhappy for 20 bucks a month. I love my guild, I have not been this happy in a guild in a very long time, excluding my own guilds I mean. Someone asked me where I rated this guild and I said top without hesitation. I love being here, I love the people, the fun, the seriousness, the friendship and I do not want to go anywhere else.

So I am hoping this ignore thing will work as I don’t want to leave a guild I really feel as though I have found a home and I respect the officers and GM’s in this guild so much – I don’t want to lose that by going off my head in the heat of the moment and having a go at this guy – publicly or privately. That would serve no purpose, I am new to the guild, I am but one person who has an issue with another – it happens all the time, I have tried to mediate many of those situations in my own guilds, and being on the other end of the stick can see why sometimes no amount of mediation will help.

Sometimes just ignoring them works, let’s hope it does, because it would be grossly unfair to him for this to be made into something it isn’t. I dislike him, the 80 other people in the guild probably like him, so obviously something is amiss with me, I shall persevere.

I am not keeping secrets, I am keeping the peace – for the good of the guild Mr Mage :p