I raidied last night, WOOT! I got into the first night of ICC raiding which means I coudl pick up some badges πŸ™‚ I also logged into the guys just doing the raid weekly, so scored myself extra frosties as well πŸ™‚

I am sitting at about 102 or something? maybe 112…can’t quite remember, but means in a few weeks I may be able to get some tier pieces πŸ˜€

I scored an upgrade from Marrowgar, just need to gem/chant as usual πŸ˜€ I still have to do that to the other piece I picked up lat time…boots or something…can’t quite remember, but they need to be gemmed/chanted as well.

We one shot everything up to Festergut, marrow was our only wipe as we had a false start due to some lag, it was a little messy πŸ™‚

Was a brilliant run until people started wanting to whore up the place, I am the type of person who gets an upgrade and then leaves it – as long as my gear is of the same ilevel as the content, I won’t roll on anything again until it is about to get sharded and i know it is BiS. But some people just want evey piece of gear even though they have 3 or even more pieces of equivalents from the same instance/ilevel.

Anyway it was a fabulous run, where I realised that frost is not the spec for me until I have a new pc. I was frost from the start and could not get above 3.5k dps. I couldn’t see my buffs properly due to the computer, and I was unable to have the sound on becuase of vents (and macs can’t seperate the sounds – well i havent figured it out if they can). I kept hitting caps locl instead of movement and generally wasting much dps time.

I switched to Arcane for festergut and managed a pathetic DPS of 5.8k, I was on top of damage as out resident hunter had sat out. So it looks like I will be arcane until at least the next month is over.

I can’t wait until April 22nd when we move and can afford to buy new pc’s for all my gaming excitment. Note to self – never ever buy and sell houses again – the stress is just not worth it!!

Hubby and I will be trialling both LOTRO and Star trek MMO to see if either are any good, I played LOTRO briefly when it was in beta, and thought it had a good feel to it, but that was, hrmm, 2 years ago? so I am hoping it will have improved. Star Trek is the MMO that hubby is in love with, so I will support him with that and try it out with him. I am not into space ships etc all that much – or playing in them more to the point, so I don’t think it will hold me interested like WoW has….

But then I am so in love with WoW I don’t see all the bad things that people complain about πŸ˜€ Love is blind !! πŸ˜€