This is a poor me post, so feel free to just skip right over it πŸ™‚

I am feeling very out of the loop at the moment with my guild, moving house has really put me on the back foot. We have new poeple in the guild that I have not raided with, who have been fitting in wonderfully, I had some else offer to be raid leader and there was basiclaly an entire post dedicated to how wonderful he is as a RL and couldn’t be more perfect and how hard he must find it (obviously my efforts were so bad – I never warranted an entire page of threads to my wonderful raid leading without me asking frist 😦 )

A few of us are considering the benefits of perhaps pushing into 25 man content again and the guild have already started on that journey ingame, without me. They are starting to consider PUGing whatever we need for 25 mans on one night of the week, and I am excited for them.

It is great they are functioning well without me being there, but I just miss it. Isn’t that stupid, I miss being in the thick of it and having some measure of control about what is going on. I miss being a part of the raiding, the killing, the wipes, the pain, the excited, the joy, the ups and downs….I miss it….I miss my guys, I miss the chats, the laughter on vents and mostly I miss Azeroth…I miss just floating around on my toons and doing whatever….I miss laughing at trade chat and I miss zoning into places and seeing my purple and blue bolts whizzing around….Hi, my name is Dark and I am an addict πŸ™‚ heeheh