I have been playing WoW since 05, I go back to the days of speccing into Evocation and Arcane Explosion 🙂 MC was and will always be my favourite raid instance, yes I so yearn for the ole days of 40 mans raids and good stable guilds!

Up until recently I was a Guild Leader for a guild that started out on Dath’remar, moved to Caelestraz and then Aman’thul.  I have now moved back to Cael and joined a raiding guild with a long history.

This blog was mainly about the highs and lows of raiding, and a place for me to express the things I couldn’t say in game, hence why I remained anonymous for so long.  I am not sure if I will go back to being anonymous now…I shall have to think on that notion 😀

There will not be much about strats, talents, gear etc as I believe there are more than enough theory crafters out there with enough information to confuse even the most elite, so any information on here is pulled from other sources and mainly kept as a reference so I can access the information quickly when needed in plain english. (I don’t need to know the mechanics of the stats, just tell me what I need!)

Any comments you would like to make would be awesome, I do like to know that people are even reading this blog, it makes me happy to see my site count go up 😀

I am also just starting up some RP on one of my baby toons, dragonray (warlock) on Argent Dawn. I am in which is a collective of bloggers and readers from around the place, a lot of them RP and I feel like giving it a shot 🙂 So please go gentle with me on those posts…they may suck the life from you 😀

Here’s a piccie of me with blue hair, which I no longer have, but wish I still did: