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Almost there

Pally is now 70% through levle 71……so tomorrow night she should hit 72!!

Have been just churning through quests 😀

Will post longer update later 😀

Thorim Strat

So we have figured that either 2 hunters or a hunter and a melee down the gauntlet works really well for us, and also 2 tanks in the arena seems to be the winner for us. I know it reduced a DPS, but in all honesty, I think 2 tanks is more important in keeping people alive.

There really isn’t much else to the strat, once he comes down we just get everyone to move out of the orbs and kick his butt. 

Our first killing of him we did with about 1.5 minutes to spare, so we did have some wiggle room which was nice 🙂

Thorim DOWN!!

So we squished the big pansy tonight!

We had a full group with the best of our guys online and it took us a few attempts but we did it.  We had a funny run of it actually, as one attempt the ganutlet woudl do awesome and the arena would suck, but then the next attempt it woudl switch…so we were just building to having the perfect run for both groups 😀

We then went and smacked Hodir for the week, took us 3 attempts i think, but not entirely unusual for us, we are not quite one shotting him yet.

Tank got a new headpiece, and some DPS got some upgrades.  All in all a very good night 🙂 

We went and had a look at Mmiron for some giggles 😀  and to ride the tram, was cool to see that area, so not sure about him or Freya and which is easier, but we canm work on them both now and hope we get them down.

But YAY!!  Only a few more bosses to go in Ulduar 😀

So we bought the blizzcon via internet stream and watched it this weekend 🙂

So many good things coming out of the xpac 😀

Gear Stats :
Mp5/Spellpower/Defence/armour penetration – all gone!

Healers will now need spirit as mana regen. DPS will now need int for power. No spirit on mage/warlock gear ever again. Defence may end up being a talentable stat instead of gear based. Agility now = 2 AP for classes like rogues etc again.

Hunter mana – gone! Now have 100 focus as per other classes like rogues/warriors etc

Warlock soul shards – gone from bags – part of game play now

Guild advancement – have a talent tree for guilds now, you earn points for killing bosses/guild achievements etc which you can use to get talents like, mass ressing the raid/mass summon of the raid/ lower durability for wipes etc.

LFG – Cross server functionality now. (coming in patch 3.3 if they can make it work by then)

New secondary profession – archaeology – find relics around the world and opens up new glyphs which are NOT part of inscription.

Professions now have multiple gains – so can make a blue chst for 5 skill ups or 5 green bracers for 5 points – means things you make can be more useful as you level a profession.

Reforging – classes like tailoring/BS/LW etc can take a peice of gear and alter the stats on it. Ie lessen the stam on the item for more spirit. Cannot add more of the same stat on the gear, so can’t lower stam for added spirit (if spirit is on the gear already).

New races – Worgens/Goblins.

4 new raids, heaps new dungeons – heroic Deadmines and heroic shadowfang Keep.

Level 85 is the new level cap.

Flying in all of Azeroth once you hit 85.

Ulduar last night :D

Had a great night in ulduar last night, was awesome, we one shot every boss except Ignis (we skip him).

FL, razor, XT, IC, Kolo and Auri.  All one shot and perfect attempts. Very few deaths and was sexy!

I got a new ring off IC, which was a fair upgrade :d  I also got a new cloak in the heroic ToC we ran after the raid. I am trying to get the boots which the Black KNight drops…they are super sexy!!

We called it fairly early last night as our tank had to leave and we had no one else online to switch in to replace him.  Although we were short a few people, this week, and is not the norm.

I think most people were happy to call it early condsidering how well we had done. Tongiht we will smack Hodir on the rump and have a play on Thorim – see if we can’t get the hang of that fight as well 😀

I am happy with my few peices of upgrades though 😀  If I can just replace my boots, I was going to get some crafted but Muze suggested I look for boot sin H ToC and he was right there is a very smexy pair in there 😀

I also have 51 conquests badges, so will look at running some heroics perhaps Tuesday night to get that number up. I have a nice helm from ulduar, but woudl like to perhaps change my legs and gloves.

New Mount

So I got my new silver covenant mount last night 😀  YAY

150 tokens later.  So now I just have to save up another bucketload of seals.

There are

5 tabards I want @ 50 seals each.

2 more pets @ 40 Seals each (alliance side)

5 more pets @ 40 seals each for horde switches

1 more pet @ 40 Seals for the silver covenant exalted pet

4 mounts @ 100 seals each

1 mount @ 150 seals each

3 (?) mounts at 5 seals each and 100g….

All in all, I will need to do the argent dailies AND the heroic ToC for the next millenia to get all the stuff I want 🙂  Damn being a collection addict 😀

My Pally :D

So my pally girl is now level 70!!!


Was a long road to get here, and managed to do it with 1 minute left on the timer before the shut down occured, so no one was there to witness it with me except my Muze 😀

So now I am just having to go the long road to 80 🙂  I haven’t had a chance to play her much this week, due to sickness etc.   And this weekend we will be in Wodonga, so another weekend gone!  BUT WOOOT!! 


Ulduar and gear:D

So last night in Ulduar, we did really well.   We one shot Auri and her mental pussy cats with one healer and DPS down from the start of the fight, we almost one shot Hodir (we had a false start) and we had a false start on the Iron Council, but that was due to some miscommunication more than anything 🙂  Aside from that though, we didn’t lose anyone on the fights, we did them perfectly.

We trundled up to Thorim after the 9.00pm break and had a few smashes on him, the gauntlet group got to the second mini boss before death ensued, which for our first time on him, was pretty good I think.  Thorim will not be all that hard once we get the hang of it and sort out the groups properly 🙂 

I scored a new helm from Hodir(?) and a new wrist from Iron Council, I have to get them gemmed and chnated tonight.

I think I have to change back to FFB, as my hit is just not high enough to support a TOTW/Fire spec, so my DPS is kind of shitful at the moment, even after regemming everything last night to the epic gems with +23 spell power, I wasn’t hitting 3k DPS.  So I will do thast tonight and keep collecting my hit gear for the totw spec. Apprently FFB is still competitve for DPS, so I might just go back to that spec and deal with the slightly lower DPS, but much improved on what I am now.  If that makes sense.  I can basically drop a fair bit of hit if I go back to FFB and amp it up with crit/spell power.

We decided not to raid lockout this week, simply because on Wednesday we figure we can clear almost everything we cleared this week, last Wednesday was bad due to patches and changed fights etc, so this week should be a smash fest after the maintenance.

3 levels in one night…

So I was levelling last night on my pally and got from 63 to 66 😀

Was listening to some music and just following the dots on my questhelper 😀  So only 2 more to go before I hit Northrend!!  YAY