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Yes, I am a sap :S

As per the title, I know it…I really do πŸ™‚ But today an old guildie of mine, signed up on our forums and wants to move a toon over to just hang out with us. I am excited and happy and excited…did I say that already?

I have missed so many of my guildies that have, over the years been left behind with the server moves, sometimes I wish I could have them all back again and we coudl just be having fun like we used to, but I got burned by a few things and didn’t stand up for what I believed in….

Anyway, I am just excited he is back πŸ™‚

I have been, for the last few weeks/months not been ingame and raiding, therefore my stash of frostie badges has not grown fast nor have I had the chance to upgarde via drops all that much.

So I was in previously mentioned ICC 25 man and I got 2 things out of that run. Enough badges to be at 120 frosties AND a shoulder upgrade from 25 man content.

So this has placed me in a bad position, which I think I may have screwed even further last night.

I was going to buy my two tier peices with my badges – nice 60 badges each done, however, my gloves are actually comparable to the tier peices and my shoulders are now better than the tier piece. So the tier pieces would be a backward step in gear score….is the set bonus worth it.

After deciding no…(LOL) I then spent frosties on buying the patterns for the boots and leggings….I am now down to 75 frosties,….so not enough to buy any head or robes. However it isn’t enough to buy any saronites either….well I can buy two, but I now need like 13…AHAHAH I may have just been better getting the tier pieces!!! HAAHAHH

Anyway, I found it an interesting exercise in how to screw your gear choices royally.

That’s right, my belt is also comparable to the belts I can buy with the 60 frosties. i suppose I could buy the caster trinket, but I relaly don’t want to waste badges on a hit trinket when I already have too much hit…and what a waste of badges anyway…having to gear for hit nowadays….

So pitfall of raiding 10 man and pugging 25 mans and NOT winning tier pieces πŸ˜€ eheheh

My screen tearing :D

So just so you know I am not messing around, this is a video of the video issues I am having πŸ™‚

It is a little old now, but still very valid πŸ™‚ And almost what I was playing with last night in ICC πŸ˜€

This post describes exactly my feelings about WoW πŸ˜€ Well except I don’t pay quarterly, and I don’t know SAN or anyone else that Blogs πŸ™‚ HAAHAH

Showing some WoW love

ICC 25 Pug, tier 10 and random

I sneaked online last night to play whilst the hubby was out having drinks with work mates, and I found I only needed like 8 badges to get my Tier 10 pieces. Well I mean 2 of them.

So after some discussion I did the Weekly raid and spent almost 40 minutes doing Flame Leviathan, the Pug group was so epicly fail I am surprised we even managed to get it done. Someone started it in hardmode for a start, but then we spent 10 minutes telling people they had to kill the towers and instead of doing that they just waited near FL, needless to say we went with one tower still up and I scored an orbital achievement πŸ™‚ So wooppee!

I then tossed up between a heroic daily and an ICC run, decided on the latter and ended up in a 25 man. Was a fairly good run for a PUG 25….I don’t normally PUG stuff – I just don’t have the time normally, but we wiped a little on trash because unfortunately some people can’t understand the concept of watching their surroundings.

I had to drop after Deathwhisper was killed as I had t pick up hubby from the city, but I scored myself enough badges for my tier pieces – until I managed to score the Shoulders that she dropped, so now I have to reevaluate what gear I should get as I am not likely to buy the shoulder tier now πŸ˜€ But I will go back in on the weekend some time and weigh up my options.

So woot to me!! With all the gear upgrades lately I am still keeping inline with everyone else sort of…
It was a very enjoyable run to, very calm and laid back, no yelling – although there were a little frustrations coming out after we wiped on LDW the first time, but I think that comes with any PUG made up of quarter guilds…I had like 5 of my guildies, anther guild had 8 or so and some other guild had a fair few as well…

I am sure my bear will be able to tell me what they finished up on last night?

Are you a selfish guildie?

A few of my guildies and I have been discussing lately the selfishness that appears to be virulent our guild at the moment.

I have always tried to put the guild before my own wants in the game, I expect any guild leaders would do the same. I think about what will make the guild better overall and not about what loot I can get from what place. Yes I know I have BiS gear – but I don’t care if I get it or not first or before everyone else. I don’t care about my GS – it doesn’t say whether I can play or whether I can stand out of the fire, I don’t care about the couple of pixels that boost my spell power by 12 for a few weeks…..none of that will make a difference if we are unable to recruit people to the guild who can play.

Recently it was advised to me, that no one wants to do anything else but ICC, they don’t want to finish Uld (we got to Yogg just as ICC came out), no one wants to finish TOGC (We have Anub left with 43 wipes available), everyone wants to focus on ICC and spend all their time in there and do nothing but it.

Now, I am all for that if you are in a guild that is more progressed than us and has a stellar group of people to work with , they were probably clearing all the content within 2 weeks and so have been farming it ever since and doing hardmodes etc, but we are not that kind of guild. We still have gear upgrades and skills which could be learnt in those older encounters – but apparently not according to a couple of people – who, for your reference, spend all their time in game and so can pug 25 mans whenever they feel like it – therefore no they probably don’t need upgrades.

The rest of us plebs who don’t have as much game time DO need upgrades from TOGC and heroic modes etc, but our needs are invalid.

So I went to my Shadow council and ask their opinion and was told I was in fact being misinformed, that many people do need upgrades from other places.

I should point out that my mates are the type who have changed toons for the guild, have changed specs, for the guild, have picked up two sets of gear to be raid ready and are always offering to be whatever the guild needs – they don’t take gear unless shoved down their throats, they don’t whinge about gear, the don’t whinge about progression (ie which place we go), they are the type of guildies that make it a worthwhile guild.

But why is it all about the gear – killing the next boss in ICC is so much harder if all the people in the guild don’t have the gear from the previous level. All i want is for people to play well and then think of the guild getting upgrades and not themselves.

Cataclysm will either make or break that mentality with the whole guild achievements πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for that – I may actually be able to be part of a guild that is like the majority of us. Good players, who put guild first and have fun with each other.

Shiny and New :D

Trying out a new layout, I found a blog today that uses the same layout as I used to, couldn’t have that!!

Let’s see what we think of this one πŸ™‚ I have just spent the last few minutes playing with it and I need to fix the catergories a little more….but overall I think it is looking ok?

We shall see…

This is the most win post I have ever read πŸ™‚

It is awesome πŸ˜€…..clickie clickie

7/12Β ICC

We got Dreamwalker down!!

Well up….

Either way, we are now 7/12 ICC and chugging along, it is taking us a little longer than expetced to get to it, but we are getting there. Professor is still a pain, but we are managing to get through the other bosses πŸ˜€

Apparently there was some trouble on rotface this week, but, they did get him in the end, people were just not paying attention and then like some weird freak show, the next attempt was a perfect execution….go figure πŸ™‚

I haven’t been online at all this week, have to admit, housework is so much easier to get done when you are not a raiding addict πŸ™‚ LOL Our house has never been so clean before….LOL

ok so maybe not?

I raidied last night, WOOT! I got into the first night of ICC raiding which means I coudl pick up some badges πŸ™‚ I also logged into the guys just doing the raid weekly, so scored myself extra frosties as well πŸ™‚

I am sitting at about 102 or something? maybe 112…can’t quite remember, but means in a few weeks I may be able to get some tier pieces πŸ˜€

I scored an upgrade from Marrowgar, just need to gem/chant as usual πŸ˜€ I still have to do that to the other piece I picked up lat time…boots or something…can’t quite remember, but they need to be gemmed/chanted as well.

We one shot everything up to Festergut, marrow was our only wipe as we had a false start due to some lag, it was a little messy πŸ™‚

Was a brilliant run until people started wanting to whore up the place, I am the type of person who gets an upgrade and then leaves it – as long as my gear is of the same ilevel as the content, I won’t roll on anything again until it is about to get sharded and i know it is BiS. But some people just want evey piece of gear even though they have 3 or even more pieces of equivalents from the same instance/ilevel.

Anyway it was a fabulous run, where I realised that frost is not the spec for me until I have a new pc. I was frost from the start and could not get above 3.5k dps. I couldn’t see my buffs properly due to the computer, and I was unable to have the sound on becuase of vents (and macs can’t seperate the sounds – well i havent figured it out if they can). I kept hitting caps locl instead of movement and generally wasting much dps time.

I switched to Arcane for festergut and managed a pathetic DPS of 5.8k, I was on top of damage as out resident hunter had sat out. So it looks like I will be arcane until at least the next month is over.

I can’t wait until April 22nd when we move and can afford to buy new pc’s for all my gaming excitment. Note to self – never ever buy and sell houses again – the stress is just not worth it!!

Hubby and I will be trialling both LOTRO and Star trek MMO to see if either are any good, I played LOTRO briefly when it was in beta, and thought it had a good feel to it, but that was, hrmm, 2 years ago? so I am hoping it will have improved. Star Trek is the MMO that hubby is in love with, so I will support him with that and try it out with him. I am not into space ships etc all that much – or playing in them more to the point, so I don’t think it will hold me interested like WoW has….

But then I am so in love with WoW I don’t see all the bad things that people complain about πŸ˜€ Love is blind !! πŸ˜€