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Ui changes

So after spending a few months without addons, I have decided i can no longer do it 😀

So here is the list of addons I have started with

Prat 3.0
powerauras classic
Shadowed unit frames
bartender 4
Buttonfacade serenity/caith/onyx

I am hoping the sharedmedia thing will let me change the font of things…but we shall see 😀

Now I am trying to repair my game as it keeps giving me errors and shutting down 🙂

Talk about gearing up

So tongiht, late, ie just before shut down a few people wanted to drag my pally through TOC, who am I to complain, anyway hubby yells at me to jump online and off we go, after me complaining that I didn’t feel like it.

So normal mode we did it, and I scored 2 peices of gear, thought to myself, wow, nice one…then they decided that normal was so easy they woudl do it heroic….I laughed at them and told them they were nuts, anyhoo 30 minutes later I walked out with every single peice of loot that dropped in there.

Every single peice was plate DPS gear, with the exception of 2 peices which were mail DPS, for an enh shammy, but suits me until I get some plate in those slots.

So i am a little in shock that after 2 runs I am essentially geared up and only really need to fix my weapon/rings/trinkets/necklace and cloak.  Every other slot is epiced.

I have no money for gems/enchants so will be stealing some of hubby to cover the costs until I can get some dailies done.  I am glad I am only going to be raiding with these guys like once a month if they need an extra DPS. I don’t think I could handle the pressure of having to constantly fix my gear. I don’t want to play hordeside all that much, I love alliance and I love my HUMAN mage 😀  There is something about her I just don’t ever want to leave or change 😀

You have to love TOC!! Easy way for epix if you ask me! espeiclaly since there are still weapons and rings in there that I could use :d

Paladin info

At level 80, we require 263 hit rating, or 8%, to be hit capped on white swings, specials, and judgements.

1 STR gives you 2 AP baseline, multiplied by 1.15 from Divine Strength (Tier 1 Prot) giving us 2.3 AP per STR when specced

you need 214 expertise rating (26 expertise, 6.5%) to reach the cap

MY pally is now 80!

Yes yes, I spent all weekend levelling her due to guild dramas and went from 76 to 80!

She is mostly in greens at the moment, but will change with a few runs and some rep. I am very excited to have an alt, shame it is on theother faction 😀  However pretty exciting to be able to do some end game stuff with hubby!

Guild Drama

We had guild drama tonight.

I am mortified that this has happened in front of our 2 new recruits.

The MT had a dummy spit about a peice of offpsec loot that went to a friends ranked alt.  The MT then left the raid and their partner had to log as well, leaving the raid 2 short for a 10 man raiding guild.

TO say I am annoyed doesn’t relalycome close. I am pissed, so damn pissed people are lucky I didn’t start booting them just because of past indiscretions.

My bois all jumped me the minute i got online to tell me what had gone down and to say I just was speechless isn’t really it…I was more …dumbfounded….yes that’s a nice word.

So I have sent PM’s to the people involved but I need to come up with a plan of action as this is now the second time the same person has done this, and I am really unsure of myself right now.  I wish more than anything I wasn’t a GM so I wouldn’t have to deal with this shit anymore…..

I thoguht running with a bunch of adults things like this wouldn’t come up – obviously I was wrong – and I cna’t say much for fear of ruining the real life friendship, but damned if I am going to put up with this again considering the now relaly hurtful feeling in the guild between many people.

I need time to think about my next move before I do soemthing rash which my be regretabble


I tried to go arcane for last nights raid, and I have to say I really don’t like it as a spec. I much prefer my fire spec, I really can’t help but enjoy the 15k hits with spells.

FFB is just my spec – it suits my gameplay and I like that 😀

GOt some new gear as well recently, new wrists and new dagger, so am sitting on 2400 spell damage when half buffed 🙂

We have 2 new players to the guild this week, a DK and a Fury warrior.

Teh DK has raiding experience in WOTLK which is good, and is roughly up to the same stuff as us.  Teh warrior has no raiding experience but has made an effort to at least read the fights etc so was pretty impressed with him last night when he managed to survive most of the time.

The warrior needs gear as does the DK, but not huge amounts, a couple of runs through ToC/Ulduar and ONy when we kill them shoudl probably get them some gear fairly quickly. Even last night they both picked up a peice each due to the plate drops. 

So all in all they seem to be fitting in and we seem to be doing ok. Just need to find a healer unless our druid decides to stay with us again since we are doing well at the moment.

Not sure about it and we shall see what happens in the next few weeks.

Back to ToC again tonight and we got up to the Twins again, we had the new people with us and our recently dinged healer, so I knew it woudl be tough – even if we could manage any of it, but I am surprised, yes we managed quite well.

The faction chmapions were our stumbling block as we got a DK/warrior, hunter/mage and shammy/pally combo…it was very hard.  the DK/Warrior were running aroudn 2 shotting everything in sight, the shammy kept chain chasting lesser healing wave and the pally was generally just a pain in the butt 😀  But after some readjustment and using every tool in our arsenal we got them down.

PVP encounters in PVE relaly make you realise how much we don’t use all our spells, for example by the end of the attempts we were having both our warriors use intimidating shouts, priest was fearing whenever possible, the warriors were using their throws as well as our pally healer throwing their stuns in and everyone else was ccing and trapping and novaing everything they could.

It’s very different to an encounter where you really just kind os use a rotation and hope lilke heck you can pull out the numbers to beat the enrage. I really enjoy the faction champions fight 😀

We only had a couple of shots on the Twins just to show everyone the fight so when they read the strat they have a bette runderstanding of what goes on etc.  But not sure we can handle the Twins without our best geared on due to the shield needing 15 seconds and 250k damage.

But we can go to Ulduar tonight and get some gear for the lesser geared players, which will help with that.

We like pain :D

So we went back into ToC tonight, because we are suckers for punishment, but well I think we were all surprised.  We spent a little time on the snakes again getting that right, but then we one shit Lord Jaxx and one shot the faction champions.

I know the FC were nerfed but we were surprised at how much. They were super easy. We spent about 10 minutes just talking through which to kill first and one of our PVP junkies was giving us hints and tips etc so I think that helped.

I did a very quick search for Twin information as I had not thought we would get to them from the reports I had heard about FC. So was shocked to the core and had no idea about the next one.   Did a quick explanation of the most confusing fight I have ever read in my life so no wonder really we didn’t get very far , but it was nice to be seeing them.

So 9 badges in one night everyone wants to go back in there on Wednesday because of the amount of badges we got.  We shall see who we have online.


Had a very interesting night tonight in ToC. We spent ages wiping on the Beasts, well in actual fact, all night wiping. We didn’t kill them.

We just kept stuffing up – one little thing ehre and there, people getting killed by bile, spray, mobs etc – it was just a screwfest…nothing in particualr stuck out just everything was wrong.

We also managed to bug the first boss a coupel of times, we had 5 snobolds come out instead of four, which isn’t a huge problem in itslef, but it is when you count to 4, then get an extra one on the healer and no one realises so death ensues.

Anyway, let’s just put that down to a bad night 😀