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So rotface, 50%, 47& an 46% and then all hell broke loose 😀 eheh

But considering the other nights we were in there we didn’t get to 80% and we had no control over the slimes whatsoever, last night was a massive improvement.  We had a practice in the hallway first which I think helped people understand what was going, may have seemed a little retarded at the time, but sometimes people need a little added explanation 😀

Our kiting tank, as I expected, was doing it perfectly, a couple of untimely deaths, but that is just healers coordinating with the sliming etc. Essentially everyone was moving and getting the slimes happening together and that’s the biggest thing.  Although if people die it is a problem for whomever the slime heads to.

We went and did the raid weekly boss in ICC as well for those who had the quest – apparently it was buggy for some, but anyway, he was a little tough until we figured out we just needed to rotate the disease through the crowd and communicate.  Was a little hard towards the end when we had 3 diseases up and no one able to handle it, but we smashed him on 3 attempts.

We may alter the strat just slightly, tweak a few little bits but will see how that pans out after next week.

So overall, even though we didn’t down the boss, I think it was a great effort.  Maybe next week we will have his number, then can head onto professor….

Love Fool Title

Another title 😀 Love is in the Air!! Again 😀

Got up early on Sunday and spent some time wandering around doing some of the event achievements, only to find I couldn’t figure out how to get charms…apparently 75% of Azeroth was having the same problem.

Until I read an ingenious suggestion of going into Ulduar and smashing through dwarves in there for the charms and boy was that lucrative. Many many charms to be had and constant stream of dwarves made for awesomeness. 

I managed to get enough bracelets to do all of my achievements yesterday so I am now ! Too many titles now to keep count of!!

But YAY!! I am on my way to the pink dragon…and let me say – I would have done all these achievements last year had I paid attention t how awesome the dragon looks!!! I am so jealous of the people flying around on them :/ heheeh



I spent most of the day playing with my UI again and tweaking getting rid of crappy addons, adding some I have been meaning to add for a while and doing some other general stuff, was awesome, until I fucked it up and had to start from scratch due to a mod I installed called Reflux, the mod works beautifully I am just an RTard who didn’t think about it before I made a crazy error 😀  IN essence about 10 hours spent over 2 days on my UI, started Friday ngiht

 Reflux as a mod is awesome, basically it lets you create a profile for all your mods, and then when you go onto another toon you can use the same profile so it will set up most of your mods exactly the same…I had to move recount and my chat frames on all my toons, otherwise most other settings were the same for everything…Not something I would suggest using if you already have a UI, but I would suggest using it next time you work on your UI from scratch – ie cataclysm J LOL

 I shall post a piccie later, however below is a vague list of my mods now.

 Pitbull (raid/party frames only)

Stuf Unit frames

Gearscore (why!!)






SL Data Text

Chinchilla map



Deus Vox Encounters

Satrina buff frames

Power Auras

Miki’s Scrolling combat text






I think that is all….well that’s all I can think of….

So I got all revved up and decided to tank some heroics on my warrior….I have lost a little confidence in being a tank to be honest, I feel really bad that I can’t seem to hold multiple adds very well….and I know it is just experience, but I feel like a right royal twat sometimes when I am in a group with all randoms, because they don’t know that I am new to tanking….no one has said anything about it though, so can’t be too bad, and when I have told them I am new to tanking I generally get compliments so that is always good.

However tonight….tonight was kickarse!!  I tanked HoS!!  Yes HoS!!  You know the sucky instance with Brann Wankerbeard needing to be protected during that event?  I tanked it!!  And by tanked I mean we didn’t wipe!  We had a little trouble towards the end of the event as the 2 DPS had died from standing in a fire so mobs were running around everywhere and I was doing my best to grab them all, but I don’t have a heck of a lot of AOE taunting moves…..anyway….we survived, well the rest of us did 😀 

Then as luck would have it we got UP next.  You know with the gauntlet of death and the insane flying boss, well I managed to do that as well!!  LOL  I was on a high!!  We wiped once in UP – I didn’t get far enough into a corner to do a LoS pull, so I know for next time.    I got my red sword of courage!!!  So I have a much better weapon now that people can stop mocking me for…apparently my quest reward for killing Durn at level 65 was not considered a good weapon for my tanky 😀 hehehe

So I think I am starting to get a little more confident.  Having some raid experience now and some better gear is making it a little easier to feel like I am able to click tank on the random heroic thing now!!  Just need to keep the momentum going and get the gear happening 😀  I would like to start tanking on her more often 😀  I do enjoy it when I am having a good night J

Oh that’s right I also tanked ToC!!!  As in I was one of the tanks – actually tanking!!  The RL had me doing all the icky things like picking up adds “I nailed it”  hehehe.

Only need another 10 triumps for an offhand and ring upgrade…..woot woot!

Fester and Rot

Sounds about right if you ask me……What a insane night!!

OK firstly one shot on Festergut – was UBER!!  Not much to say really, we went in and we kicked butt, then we left 😀

So to Rotface, let me just say, I know Blizz are trying to make this game more appealing to the casual player but I think encounters like rotface would make me quit the game. 

You have casual and you have casual….I think the definitions of those two need to be more clearly defined before they start claiming they are trying to broaden their scope.

The encounter is not overly complicated – well not anymore so then some of their other ones, but I am what you would consider a hardcore casual, so I love my raiding and I know everything I can about an encounter before I go in, I try and be as aware as possible of what is going on around me so I can not be a pain in the arse to 9 or 24 other people.  The casual people though cannot seem to handle the complexity of this fight.

The premise of too much goo, death and woozes is I think altogether too much for some people to handle, and I have to be fair – after my first night in there, I am dreading going back in there.  I hate this fight, I dislike it more than I can imagine and I am hoping like hell that the Professor doesn’t drop anything nice that people in the raid want…..perhaps we can just skip that wing entirely!!

At one point we had two healers running around with slimes and not healing, so people kept dying – out strat needs work, we spent all night wiping over and over. People were just not getting the hang of the slimes and having to kite them, however on one attempt we got him to 75%, so although we didn’t appear to be getting anywhere I think we actually were.  From what I am told though the first night they went in they were not even getting 2 seconds into the fight, so I guess it is an improvement.

I am going to watch some videos and read some strats and see what we can do about making it easier for people to understand what needs to happen.  I hope we can get this one down, it might be our Hodir!

Why oh why patch night!!

ICC, what a night…the day after patch…why do we even think about raiding.

So what started off as laggy only ended up getting worse, mid fight every time, someone would be advising they were lagged. I t was horrid.

However, despite that, we managed to get the first wing cleared.  We basically had to 2 shot everything, except gunship, as Marrowgare midfight a couple of people lagged and it meant death, we then got to LDw and our tank lagged just as phase 2 started and we didn’t realise until the tank went down, then the second tank had trouble picking her up because all the DPS had gone balls to the walls and were not stopping, we got her to like 10% or something though. 

Then, as we were clearing to Saurfang, the general chat started exploding with information that he was bugged and really hard, (we late found out he was apparently stuck in heroic mode – still not entirely sure about that).  Anyway we get there and our first attempt we actually did really well, but the marks were just happening too quickly – we were unprepared and the healers had not coordinated very well.  The second attempt was much better and we smashed through it, I don’t think we found it all that more difficult than normal? So maybe I am hopeful when I think we are better than we think J That of course is when everyone is paying attention and doing their job.

My tank was back in the raid and I have to admit I think he makes a huge difference to the success of the group.  Both our tanks know what they are doing, they know how to play their class and they are confident with what they can and can’t do.  It’s the can do attitude that sets them up for success and ease of raiding, I had such a good night I was happy to be raiding 😀

FINALLY!! Delayed reaction much?

After being a space goat for approx two weeks now, I finally realised I was able to finish the questline in the space goat starting area that awards a tabard.  So guess what I did!!  LOL

I then went and farmed the SM tabard and finaly fianlly finally!!  got my 25 tabard achievement, which is rewarded by – you guessed it…a tabard!!  LOL

Now onto getting the rest of my reps up…I am 2 off having 30 exalted!!  So close…am halfway through revered with Netherwing and am working on Ashen verdict whilst raiding…so that should only take me another